ObserveRTC is an open-source project provide solutions to monitor your WebRTC Applications

Making analytical tools for Real Time Communication (RTC) is challenging. You need to consider strict time limitations of real-time streams, and tightly integrate services that can report to your monitoring solutions with micro second accuracy.

Here is how ObserveRTC comes into the picture. We make RTC development easy using open-source tools. ObserveRTC aims to provide client side integrations, infrastructure and monitoring tools to observe and analyse WebRTC applications.

ObserveRTC provides

  • Client-side libraries - collect and monitor your RTC clients with negligible performance impact
  • Sfu-side libraries - collect and monitor your Selective Forwarding Units
  • Server-side integrations - options to add data from devices like Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)
  • Flexible Database options - use your preferred data architectures like Kafka, MongoDB, RedShift, BigQuery, and others
  • Pre-defined scheme - start with and expand on the ObserveRTC scheme to simplify data queries

Why ObserveRTC?

  • Open-source - No hidden magic, no secret souce, it is a transparent monitoring solution for everyone.
  • Own your data - By deploying it you have full ownership of data from your applications and run further analysis.
  • Designed for the cloud - When the size of your memory and compute requirements increase, new resources can be dynamically added to your cluster to scale elastically. e.g. hazelcast as an in-memory distributed databse for resiliance.

What are the benefits?

  • Performance tuning - Ability to debug/improve your WebRTC applications.
  • Regression analysis - Quantify the impact of changes you made.
  • System operations - Measure and monitor the performance of your application.
  • Troubleshooting & debugging - Investigate technical issues.
  • Usage trends - Track/Understand how your app is used.

Use cases

  • As an application developer you can use ObserveRTC to debug your WebRTC applications.
  • As a product owner you can use ObserveRTC to measure and monitor the performance of your application.
  • As an operations team member you can monitor the health and get critical alerts about your application.

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